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Welcome to the Flash-forward of Retro ABCA. This site should look familiar to many, and since we are leaving the Retro years and the Retro class behind I figured it was time that we were just ABCA again. So as Season 10 starts, we enter the double digits and a new Era for the ABCA. Tons of new GMs, lots of new talent, and John is still pissed at someone, sounds just about right..

Things are looking up: Pistons Pre Season Review

During the most recent practice session for the Detroit Pistons the flash bulbs were going crazy watching this years team. The one that is going to attempt to achieve the goal last years squad failed to achieve. That being making the playoffs, and do something that the motor city, and its fans have been missing for what seems like forever now.

With each pass, with each shot, with each defensive drill that is run murmuring can be heard applauding their efforts and energy put forth. This years team looks to be solid and has even been referred to as the strongest team in the Detroit since the days of Isiah, Laimbeer, Salley, Dumars, and Rodman.

Many people on the local radio stations have been proclaiming this squad as the team that will cross the threshold, and go into the playoffs with a legitament chance of doing some damage. Upon this speculation after practice the Pistons Coach took a few moments to talk with us.

Coach: This years team has pressure on it to succeed that is something that we welcome, and hope we can fulfill those expectations.

Reporter: Do you feel there is some good depth on the bench this season?

Coach: I believe we've added some good players this off season, along with that I feel we can get better once we get this years squad a cohesive unit.

Reporter: How has the cohesion been coming together so far to this point?

Coach: Well the majority of the starting 5 is still intact from last years squad which turned it around from starting 1-9, to just missing the playoffs. So really we just are trying to get the rust of the off season, and the addition of Bimbo Coles to our team is going to be an adjustment, but so far things have been coming along very positively, and working well together.

Reporter: What are your expectations of this team?

Coach: I expect this team to get over the hump and make the playoffs. We have a good core of youth here with Vin, Jamal, Jerry, and Bimbo. Things should be very excitement filled. I personally can't wait to see how they handle things on the court. The pre season will certainly be a sign of how things will come to pass this upcoming season.

Reporter: Are you nervous about the upcoming year?

Coach: No actually I'm not, I just am looking to see success, that is what we will have this season. These guys are proud, and they are planning on making the upcoming season something that the fans and themselves proud of.