German Standards and Quality for Arabian Hospitals Arabic Version
About Us

GMT located in Jabal Amman, in an area which considered as huge Medically area in Jordan's capital, as this area characterize in that there are many hospitals, labs and health centers in all assignations. In addition to Jordan the company extends it work to all Middle East and Gulf countries. GMT is an outcome extension for long experiences for several years in which the company and the owner obtained in German through practicing this career there. Our team work consists of engineer and experts who are professional and have long experience in this field.

GMT Targets and Activities

works and activities can be summarized as the following:
  • Furnishing hospitals in all Medical equipments and requisites (Turn of key), also labs, clinics and medical centers.
  • GMT has the advantage in providing medical equipments and products for more than 400 manufacturers, especially
    German manufacturers, which enables hospitals and health centers to use the latest medical products and modern
  • GMT main goal is to make all hospital projects which equipped and managed by it in all Arab countries, to have the
    same German standards in the techniques, juvenility, specifications and managing.
  • Work to authorship German Arabian network in the sectors of research, development and patient support, in the
    health sector
  • Supply hospitals, health centers with ambulances equipped with all medical equipments and requisites.
  • GMT provides offer included installation, all maintenance services, training on the medical equipments, consulting
    and co-ordination with medical staff and supply customers with the latest information about the medical products,
    in addition to the co-operation in solving difficulties faced GMT customers, by continuous contact with customers
    and manufacturers.
  • One of our company main specification is the designing and Medical planning for hospitals .
  • Furthermore GMT offers reasonable, best and competition prices, in addition to continuous express delivery for
    hospitals and other customers.